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ERMET's origins date back to 1937. Today we are a dynamically growing generation, working in the gardening and metal industries. We keep pace with current European trends. We are constantly investing in new technologies and modern machines involved in the production of gardening tools and at the same time determining new branches of production such as: rack systems, details of construction vehicles, elements of the railway industry and production of shuttering elements.

The above departments cooperate with reputable companies in Poland and abroad. At the same time we meet high quality requirements, obligatory production standards.

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Gardening Tools



We are a Polish manufacturer of gardening tools. Our product range is the product line, adjusted to the needs and requirements of customers. We guarantee excellent Polish quality, availability and repeatability of production. We constantly invest and broaden our offer, and partnering, professionalism in action is the value that accompanies us every day. We encourage you to contact us, qualified staff will try to meet your expectations.





    • Work part made of hardened boron steel, resistant to attrition and distorsions
    • Heavy duty connection between head and shaft
    • Ergonomic tool shape
    • Durable, ergonomic handle



    • Working part made of 2mm thick steel, strenghtened by ribs
    • Resistant shaft connection with head
    • Ergonomic tool shape
    • Durable, ergonomic handle

    • Working part made from strenghtened, hardened steel
    • Shaft pinned on long sleeve of tool head
    • Beech, lacquered, strong shaft of tool
    • Wood-metal handle resistant for distortion



    • Working part made from hardened steel, / Two kinds of coal shovel made from boron hardened steel /
    • Resistant for fracture, beech shaft


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Shelving Systems




We cooperate with the largest building markets in Poland not only in the field of gardening tools production but also in the production of finished racking systems. We mainly rely on the customer's technical documentation, but it is often the case that using the support of our designers we can offer the customer some improvements in his finished product. With a rich machine park and an automated powder coating machine, we are able to produce the finished product from the raw material to the final product.




Construction Equipment



We produce metal components of the Construction Machines of the biggest brands in the world. The "Construction Equipment" industry is a very demanding sector in terms of quality, precision of execution, and great planning flexibility due to its small production lines. Our extensive machine stock allows us to make the most complicated products, but thanks to the Integrated Quality Management System we are able to maintain high quality at low cost of production.



Construction Equipment


Railway Industry



Like the Construction Machinery sector, the Rail Industry is very demanding in terms of quality, precision of execution and the selection of the right materials, which we certify at every delivery. We make metal details for the largest manufacturers of rolling stock in the world. Our extensive machine stock allows us to make the most complicated products, but thanks to the Integrated Quality Management System we are able to maintain high quality at low cost of production.


Przemysł Kolejowy


Formwork System



The formwork system sector is characterized by high-volume production while preserving the quality and precision of high-safety products in the European Union. Our machine park is equipped with multi-spindle turning machines, thanks to which we are able to make precision metal parts in a series exceeding several hundred pieces a day. This allows us to achieve optimum production efficiency with minimal production costs, which is associated with the high competitiveness of our services in the industrial segment.




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Construction Equipment
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